Lectures and seminars Faculty event with lunch: Elisavet Syriopoulou

22-11-2022 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Wargentin lecture hall

Speaker: Elisavet Syriopoulou
Title: Exploring inequalities in cancer prognosis across socioeconomic groups and how these arise


Several metrics are available to summarise the prognosis of cancer patients. Commonly reported measures are relative survival at specific time points (e.g., at five years) or the loss in life expectancy (LLE).

Various studies have evaluated how survival and LLE vary across population groups and found large disparities. Such differences are especially profound across socioeconomic groups, even in countries with universal healthcare access (such as Sweden). Several factors have been suggested as potential drivers for the observed differences, but their determinants, which are likely multifactorial, are still not well-understood.

This task is difficult to tackle due to the complexity of the mechanisms involved and the methodological challenges that arise. Nevertheless, identifying factors contributing to the observed survival differences is fundamentally important to inform health policies aimed at reducing health inequalities in society.

During this seminar, I will discuss past, current, and future research studying issues such as lead time bias and inequalities in cancer survival, using simulation-based approaches informed by real data from Swedish cancer registries and causal mediation analysis methods.

Welcome to Wargentin for the faculty event! After the seminar, the faculty lunch will be served in Ljusgården.