Lectures and seminars Faculty event: Li Yin

12-09-2023 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Wargentin lecture hall

Speaker: Li Yin


Improving the decision making for measures in a future pandemic 

About the speaker 

Li Yin is a statistician at MEB. He was invited to give a keynote speech on this topic at 2nd Edition of International Public Health Conference, Singapore. The seminar is based on the following work  

X. Wang, Y.F. Wallentin, and L. Yin (2022). The statistical evidence missing from the Swedish decision-making of COVID-19 strategy during the early period: A longitudinal observational analysis. SSM – Public Health 18, 101083. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic is drawing to close, it is time to summarize our fight against the current pandemic, learn lessons, and get prepared for a future one. One of the most controversy issues in combating COVID-19 is how the decision was made for different measures. In this seminar, we study the decision-making among the Nordic countries during the most dynamic period of the first and second waves. First, I will describe the elements in decision-making, i.e., social – including political and economic -- factors, evidence, and the criterion, which leads to decision. Then I will focus on evidence, i.e., descriptive evidence, mathematical evidence and statistical evidence. The statistical evidence can be short-term, sequential, and long-term influences of measures on pandemic outcomes. This seminar highlights statistical evidence in decision-making for measures in a future pandemic. 

Join the faculty event in Wargentin! After the seminar, the faculty lunch will be served in Ljusgården.