Lectures and seminars Faculty event: Leslie Solorzano Vargas

19-09-2023 11:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Wargentin lecture hall

Title: Artificial intelligence methods for precision pathology

Speaker: Leslie Solorzano Vargas


Multimodal data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are taking over at a fast rate in histopathology. From human observed digitized tissue slides the world of digital pathology is now transitioning to computational pathology where three main areas are being developed: 1) attempting to replicate the work of pathologists as to be able to assist them effectively and lower the work burden. 2) predict clinical outcomes. 3) Knowledge discovery of new information. All these tasks require the leverage of multiple sources of information at different resolutions and smarter AI models. After successful applications in Cancer Research, other fields are interested in using the same tools. However, working with AI can be of frustrating complexity. I’d like to present a small summary of what is it that AI “sees”, followed by a summary of four ongoing projects I have been developing in the group, namely: organizing an international challenge for spatial alignment of different modalities of histological images;  using ensembles of AI models to detect invasive cancer in histological images of breast cancer samples; using AI to describe endarterectomies and associate patterns to pathologies and clinical outcomes; surveying and applying self supervised AI methods to breast cancer histology.

About the speaker

Leslie Solorzano is a post-doctoral researcher with a background in computer science, medical  image analysis and machine learning. Doctor of Technology from Uppsala University from 2021. Working with Mattias Rantalainen at MEB developing AI for precision pathology, mainly in applications to breast cancer.

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