Lectures and seminars CBB educational seminar with Hui Gao: "Introduction to Gene Set Analysis"

25-05-2022 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Flemingsberg Neo, Erna Möller lecture hall and Zoom

Centre for bioinformatics and biostatistics presents an educational seminar within bioinformatics.

Gene set analysis methods are widely used to provide insight into high-throughput genomics data. The aim of gene set analysis is to identify the statistical overrepresentation (enrichment) of genes in the predefined gene sets that are associated with known biological processes, pathways, genomic locations, or diseases. This seminar will give a brief introduction to different methods of gene set analysis, and their various assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses. The seminar will focus on the application of the gene set analysis in transcriptome analysis and discuss important factors to consider during the analysis. We will also cover the tools to facilitate the interpretation and visualization of gene set analysis.

Before the seminar, a limited number of sandwiches and drinks will be served on a “First come – first served” basis starting 12:00. Show up early and network!

The seminar is held in English.


Amanda Klein Research coordinator