Published: 20-06-2018 14:09 | Updated: 20-06-2018 14:09

AWB will receive supplementary applications that do not adversely affect the animal

From July 15, 2018, there is an updated regulation of L150 (SJVFS 2017: 40, the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s common advice on laboratory animals).
New is that the AWB will receive supplementary applicationsthat do not adversely affect the animal. Previously, these have been decided by the Regional Ethics Committee in Stockholm.

A research group leader (PI) who already has a valid and approved animal ethics permit may, if necessary, apply for changes to the AWB if the changes do not adversely affect the animal.
The application is made on a special form which is sent to The form will be available for download on KI's web site under the Animal Welfare Body at latest Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

In the case of a change of premises during the summer of 2018, decisions will be taken within one week of the application has been submitted to AWB via email to

As a routine, the application must be submitted 14 days before the meeting of the AWB, for a decision to be taken at a regular meeting. Registered decisions will be sent to the PI, the Regional Ethics Committee and the County Administrative Board in Stockholm, directly following the AWB’s meeting.

Meetings for decisions, autumn 2018
August 23 (application received at latest August 9)
September 13 (application received at latest August 30)
October 17 (application received at latest October 3)
November 22 (application received at latest November 8)
December 11 (application received at latest November 27)