Published: 16-08-2023 08:00 | Updated: 30-08-2023 15:57

Association between cardiovascular health and brain aging

Illustration of circulatory system in human body, as a network.
Image: Mohammed Hassan (Pixabay)

Hi there Yuanjing Li, PhD student at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Division of Aging Research Center (ARC)! You are about to defend your thesis entitled “Cardiovascular health and brain aging: a population-based MRI study". Could you tell us a little bit more about it?

Portrait of Yuanjing Li
Yuanjing Li. Photo: Yuqi Zhang

What is the main focus?

The primary focus of my thesis is on exploring the associations between cardiovascular health and cognitive reserve with brain aging.

What are the most important results?

The main result is that the healthy cardiovascular status and higher cognitive reserve is associated with a slower progression of brain aging. In practice, older adults may achieve a healthy brain aging through maintain cardiovascular health or improving cognitive reserve.

What do you plan in the future?

I plan to continue my research in this particular field. I am currently seeking opportunities in both clinical work and research institutes related to brain aging research.


Yuanjing Li Phd Student