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The mechanical properties of spider silk protein hydrogels can be used for continuous drug release
Anna Rising et al, Advanced Functional Materials, May 2023  

Ischemic heart disease is linked to increased risk of dementia
Chengxuan Qiu et al, Alzheimer's & Dementia, May 2023 

New recommendations for how researchers should use placebo-like control treatments 
Karin Jensen et al, BMJ, May 2023

Subset of immune cells in the brain is involved in the establishment of a neuronal system controlling cognition
Bertrand Joseph et al, Nature Neuroscience, May 2023

Study opens for new ways to study protein droplets in disease
Michael Landreh et al, Journal of the American Chemical Society, maj 2023

Delay of certain T cell responses may underlie severe COVID-19
Anna Smed-Sörensen et al, Nature Communications, April 2023

Bacteria stuck in the cervix may cause recurrent infections
Gabriella Edfeldt et al, Microbiome, March 2023

Researchers propose a novel biomarker for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Igor C. Fontana, Amit Kumar, Agneta Nordberg, Nature Reviews Neurology, March 2023

New method identifies protein forms involved in disease and drug response
Nils Kurzawa et al, Nature Chemical Biology, March 2023

Researchers have mapped the human adipose tissue: This is how fat cells change in health and disease 
Lucas Massier et al, Nature Communications, March 2023

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