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Prosaposin could be a promising drug candidate for Parkinson’s disease
Per Svenningsson et al, Nature Communications, September 2023

No clear link between dental procedures and endocarditis caused by oral bacteria
Niko Vähäsarja et al, eClinicalMedicine, August 2023

The identity of brain inhibitory neurons is maintained by the DNA-binding protein Sox6
Jens Hjerling-Leffler et al, Neuron, August 2023 

New study provides valuable insights into how our cells harvest energy
Nils-Göran Larsson et al, Cell Metabolism, August 2023

A step towards solving the riddle of tumor cell invasion 
Marco Gerling et al, Nature Communications, August 2023 

New mechanism by which cancer cells safeguard themselves from replication stress disocered
Olle Sangfelt et al, Molecular Cell, August 2023

Brains synchronise when people learn fear from each other
Andreas Olsson et al, Advanced Science, August 2023 

Combined light-based and molecular brain connectivity mapping reveals novel insights into panic disorder's inhibitory circuits 
Janos Fuzik, Nature Methods, August 2023

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