The new coronavirus

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A limited selection of recent publications in high impact journals to which researchers at KI have contributed.

Promising results in case study of COVID-19 drug candidate APN01
Human recombinant soluble ACE2 in severe COVID-19, Ali Mirazimi et al, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, September 2020.

New knowledge on the effect of periodic fasting in over-weight men
Time-restricted feeding alters lipid and amino acid metabolite rhythmicity without perturbing clock gene expression, Lundell LS, Nature Communications, September 2020.

Gene analysis may improve precision in treatment of certain neuroblastoma
Age Dependency of the Prognostic Impact of Tumor Genomics in Localized Resectable MYCN-Nonamplified Neuroblastomas. Report From the SIOPEN Biology Group on the LNESG Trials and a COG Validation Group, Ambros IM et al, Journal of Clinical Oncology, September 2020.

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