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A limited selection of recent publications in high impact journals to which researchers at KI have contributed.

Gastrointestinal infections associated with increased risk of chronic diarrhea
Gastrointestinal Infection and Risk of Microscopic Colitis: A Nationwide Case-Control Study in Sweden, Hamed Khalili H et al, Gastroenterology, January 2021.

No reduced risk of extremely preterm birth during the pandemic
Preterm Birth and Stillbirth During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sweden: A Nationwide Cohort Study, Björn Pasternak et al, Annals of Internal Medicine, January 2021.

A molecular map of tissue-specific human innate lymphoid cells
Tissue-specific transcriptional imprinting and heterogeneity in human innate lymphoid cells revealed by full-length single-cell RNA-sequencing, Jenny Mjösberg et al, Cell Research, January 2021.

Biomarkers reveal early and late alterations in the course of Alzheimer's disease
Untangling the association of amyloid-β and tau with synaptic and axonal loss in Alzheimer’s disease, Joana B Pereira, Brain, December 2020.

Study suggests novel therapeutic strategy in AD at a molecular level
Inactive variants of death receptor p75NTR reduce Alzheimer’s neuropathology by interfering with APP internalization, Carlos F Ibáñez et al, EMBO Journal, December 2020.

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