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Top-publications list

A limited selection of recent publications in high impact journals to which researchers at KI have contributed.

New method reveals more genetic links to human traits and diseases
High-definition likelihood inference of genetic correlations across human complex, Ning Z, Pawitan Y, Shen X, Nature Genetics, June 2020.

Decreased mortality in patients diagnosed with aortic dissection
Sex differences and temporal trends in aortic dissection: a population-based study of incidence, treatment strategies, and outcome in Swedish patients during 15 years, Smedberg C et al, European Heart Journal, June 2020.

Patients with chronic kidney disease may benefit from more fruit and vegetables
Plant-based diets to manage the risks and complications of chronic kidney disease, Carrero JJ et al, Nature Reviews Nephrology, June 2020.

Environmental factors do not explain increased prevalence of autism
Etiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Autistic Traits Over Time, Taylor MJ et al, JAMA Psychiatry, May 2020.

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