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New study reveals how spiders make super-strong silk
Gefei Chen et al, Advanced Functional Materials, February 2024

Here are the traits we inherited from Neandertals and Denisovans
Hugo Zeberg, Mattias Jakobsson & Svante Pääbo, Cell, February 2024

Researchers have established a system that allows site-specific protein degradation within mitochondria 
Swastika Sanyal et al, Nature Communications, February 2024

New study gives insights into the underlying mechanisms of the formation of protein clumps in Alzheimer’s disease
Axel Abelein et al, Nature Communications, February 2024

Researchers searched for unknown transfusion-transmitted disease in new study
Gustav Edgren et al, The Lancet Digital Health, January 2024

Transplantation to the anterior chamber of the eye can advance medical research
Per-Olof Berggren et al, Physiological Reviews, January 2024

Researchers have identified immune cells that protect the ageing brain
Rasmus Berglund et al, Nature Communications, January 2024

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