Published: 13-10-2022 16:06 | Updated: 13-10-2022 16:06

World-leading MS researcher recruited to Karolinska Institutet

Roland Martin
Roland Martin Photo: University of Zurich

The multiple sclerosis (MS) research consortium at Karolinska institutet is
further strengthened by the recruitment of the distinguished MS scientist, Roland

Prof. Martin is leaving a permanent position as Head of the MS Center at the University Hospital Zurich to continue his groundbreaking research at the Department of clinical neuroscience.

The presence of Roland Martin in the MS consortium will mark the coming direction with intention to cure MS by precise, personalized diagnostics and immunotherapy says Hans Grönlund, research group leader of Therapeutic immune design Unit and host of Roland Martin. Professor Martin is a world leading expert on the role of the adaptive autoimmunity in MS, and his willingness to join our teams is also a sign of our international competitiveness worldwide, says Tomas Olsson at the Neuroimmunology Unit, department of Clinical Neuroscience, with the laboratories at the Center for Molecular Medicine.   

In the near future, the aim is to understand better the antigen specificities of autoreactive T cells in MS and other diseases with techniques developed by Roland Martin and coworkers. Furthermore, collaborative work to prepare for a phase 2 clinical trial aiming to cure MS by correcting pathogenic T cell responses is soon to start.


Hans Grönlund Principal Researcher