Published: 17-11-2020 15:38 | Updated: 17-11-2020 15:45

Two NVS researchers receive funding from the Swedish Cancer Society

Karolinska Institutet have been awarded a grant of SEK 290 million from the Swedish Cancer Society. NVS researchers Maria Hagströmer and Linda Björkhem-Bergman are among the recipients.

Maria Hagströmer, Division of Physiotherapy, receives in total over three years 2021-2023 1,8 million SEK for "Towards implementation of physical rehabilitation in primary health care after advanced surgery due to urinary bladder cancer - the CanMoRe programme".

Linda Björkhem-Bergman, Division of Clinical Geriatrics, receives 400 000 SEK/year 2021-2023 for "Clinical and translational studies in palliative care. Focus on vitamin D and the immune system".