Published: 09-11-2021 11:35 | Updated: 09-11-2021 11:35

Two KI researchers are awarded prizes from the Arvid Carlsson Fund

Portrait of Lars Farde och Kjell Fuxe.
Lars Farde och Kjell Fuxe have been awarded a prize from the Arvid Carlsson Fund. Photo: N/A

Professors Lars Farde and Kjell Fuxe are awarded the Arvid Carlsson Foundation's Major Prize for Outstanding Research in the Spirit of Arvid Carlsson. The prizes consist of diplomas and research grants amounting to SEK 700,000.

Lars Farde at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience was among the first to apply advanced positron emission tomography to address clinically important psychiatric issues and is rewarded for publishing a wide range of important works in which he has, among other things, increased our knowledge of how psychotropic drugs work.

Kjell Fuxe at the Department of Neuroscience is a true pioneer in transmission research who is rewarded for his groundbreaking studies of the proliferation of monoaminegic neurons, dopaminergic receptor agonists, receptor-receptor interactions and brain volume transmission.