Published: 24-05-2017 08:32 | Updated: 14-06-2017 14:06

Response to former KI vice-chancellor’s statement in Läkartidningen

Comment: Läkartidningen has published an interview with KI’s former vice-chancellor Harriet Wallberg following a letter she sent to KI demanding corrections to Sten Heckscher’s report on the Macchiarini case. In the interview Wallberg makes reference to a conversation with KI’s acting vice-chancellor and university director. The KI management responds here to her claims.

KI’s university director and acting vice-chancellor were invited by Harriet Wallberg to a meeting following the presentation of Sten Heckscher’s report. It was pointed out at the time that the investigation was an external one commissioned by the University Board, where the investigator himself would be accountable for the content. At the same time, it was put forward that KI cannot rule out the possibility of errors in the report since it had not undergone a quality check. Contrary to Wallberg’s claim in Läkartidning, no flaws were ever found in Sten Heckscher’s report.