Published: 19-11-2021 08:28 | Updated: 22-03-2023 15:11

Recruitment assistance within bioinformatics and biostatistics

Are you interested in recruiting a bioinformatician or biostatistician? The centre for bioinformatics and biostatistics (CBB) is coordinating recruitments with possibility to make joint employments.

CBB is now coordinating recruitments within the fields of bioinformatics and biostatistics to KI Flemingsberg. If you are a researcher with an interest in recruiting a person within these fields, CBB is now offering a possibility to make joint employments. For instance, CBB can collaborate with a researcher with funding for a 50% position by supporting the remaining salary in contribution for a corresponding work with CBB activities. If you are interested in this possibility, please email us at


Carsten Daub Principal Researcher