Published: 31-05-2022 14:40 | Updated: 31-05-2022 14:40

Professor Göran K Hansson celebrated with symposium

Some 35 years ago Professor Göran K Hansson, his then graduate student Lena Jonasson, and colleagues discovered the presence of T lymphocytes in human atherosclerotic plaques. Their foundational observation set the stage for over three decades of sustained exploration of immunity and inflammation in atherosclerosis. This field has burgeoned, matured, and has reached the stage of clinical translation.

The symposium in Professor Göran K Hansson's honor was held digitally due to the pandemic. The picture is a screenshot from the event and shows professor Hansson and some of the other participants.
The symposium was held digitally due to the pandemic. Professor Hansson in the upper left corner.

Professor Göran K Hansson is active at the division of cardivascular medicine at the department of medicine, Solna. Since his arrival at the Karolinska Institutet in 1995, Göran K Hansson has not only been a leader in cardiovascular immunology, but also played prominent role in promoting science in society, participated in the public discourse, and maintained an active blog about science. For his service to science and society, Hansson has received numerous prizes, awards, and recognitions, including His Majesty The King´s Medal of the 8th size in 2017.

To celebrate the contributions of Göran K Hansson and the advances in this field, a mini-symposium was arranged at the Karolinska Institutet. The >200 participants were offered a comprehensive update on recent advances by a number of international leaders and colleagues in the field, including Göran himself. The symposium was held digitally due to the pandemic and was very successful with participants from several continents.

Read more about the content of the symposium: Mini-symposium: Vascular Immunity, Inflammation and Atherosclerosis.