Published: 12-03-2024 12:09 | Updated: 12-03-2024 12:09

Pradeepa Pushparaj is awarded Sven Gard´s scholarship 2024

Pradeepa Pushparaj wrote her thesis at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology. She is awarded Sven Gard´s scholarship for the best theses in virology during 2023.

Pradeepa Pushparaj
Pradeepa Pushparaj. Photo by Natasa Vukovic

Pradeepa Pushparaj is awarded for her thesis titled: Immunoglobulin gene usage and affinity maturation in antiviral antibodies.

The motivation from the jury: ”For her very high quality and detailed studies on the development of the antibody responses to human virus infections.” 

The assessment is based on the very high quality of the dissertation's constituent works, the quality of the dissertation's framework narrative and the strong letter of support.