Published: 20-02-2017 16:37 | Updated: 21-02-2017 14:17

Ole Petter Ottersen has been proposed as Karolinska Institutet’s new vice-chancellor

The Karolinska Institutet University Board (Konsistoriet) decided today to propose Professor Ole Petter Ottersen, rector of Oslo University, as the new vice-chancellor of Karolinska Institutet. His candidacy will now be considered by the government, which takes the final decision on the matter.

"He will be an experienced and competent permanent vice-chancellor for Karolinska Institutet and one with broad support in the faculty," says Mikael Odenberg, chairperson of the University Board.

Today’s decision was unanimous. Professor Ottersen is currently rector of the University of Oslo, where he has held several leading positions, including dean of research for the medical faculty.

His name will now be put to the government, which has ultimate say on who is to fill the post.