Published: 21-03-2024 15:35 | Updated: 21-03-2024 15:30

Master's programme in global health to be two years long

KI will be expanding the Master's Programme in Global Health from a one-year programme to a two-year master's programme. KI has been offering the master's program in global health since 2012. In the fall semester of 2025, the first batch of students will begin the first round of the two-year master's program.

Students in group
Students in group Photo: Liza Simonsson

The development of the new programme is in full swing and Martin Gerdin Wernberg, who is the Program Director of the Masters's Programme in Global Health answered some questions about the extended program.

How will the new program differ from the current one-year program?

"Students have been asking for a longer programme for many years, and especially more time to learn methods and skills. The new programme will allow students to develop a strong foundation in global health theory and its core concepts, including the global burden of disease, sustainable health and the sustainable development goals, and health systems and policy, before enabling in-depth learning of the methods required to research and practice global health."

How do you think the new program will impact the student's education and experience?

"The Master's Programme in Global Health will continue to provide a vibrant international and highly interdisciplinary learning experience. The new programme will have an even stronger connection to research and practice through early exposure to research groups as well as potential future employers outside of academia."