Published: 08-02-2017 15:24 | Updated: 08-02-2017 15:24

KI researchers to share 100 million SEK for industrial research

A research group with participants from the Karolinska Institute has been awarded SEK 100 million by the Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF. The group, which conducts research on personalized medicine, collaborates with co-recipients from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers.

The Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, has decided to distribute 400 million SEK to four projects within the program entitled "Industrial Research Centres' (IRC). Together, these projects will contribute to a competitive industry, a sustainable society and more effective treatments for diseases. The project focused on personalized medicine is led by Fredrik Höök from Chalmers in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet researchers Professor Molly Stevens and Samir El-Andaloussi. The group will study the conditions for efficacy of nucleotide-based drugs. The team also includes representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.