Published: 05-04-2017 20:50 | Updated: 06-04-2017 11:41

KI comments on article in DN on financial irregularities

Comment: Dagens Nyheter has published an article on financial irregularities at one of Karolinska Institutet’s (KI’s) departments. KI’s internal audit office examined the matter last autumn and identified an instance of unacceptable maladministration concerning a company that sold services to and invoiced KI and that had links to KI employees.

“This is a very serious matter, so we’ve passed it on to the Staff Disciplinary Board and the Swedish National Disciplinary Offence Board,” says University Director Per Bengtsson.

One of the individuals involved has since been issued a warming by the Staff Disciplinary Board. Another case is currently being investigated by the Swedish National Disciplinary Offence Board, and depending on the outcome further measures might be necessary.