Published: 06-07-2023 11:30 | Updated: 06-07-2023 11:30

Expanding Sorting Capacity – Introducing BFC's Upcoming Acquisition

New sorter acquired for the BFC Core Facility.
New sorter for the BFC Core Facility. Photo: Marina Polo Gozalo

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of acquiring a new sorter for our Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Biomedicum. This acquisition aims to expand our sorting capacity, allowing us to better accommodate the needs of our researchers.

Expanding Sorting Capacity – Upcoming Acquisition Details

To meet the increasing demands of our researchers, we are in the process of acquiring a new sorter for our Flow Cytometry Core Facility, thanks to the funds granted by KI´s Infrastructure Council.

The new sorter will feature three lasers, making it ideal for sorting samples with simple panels, such as fluorescent proteins.

The sorter will offer also plate sorting as well as tube sorting capabilities, accommodating various sample formats such as Eppendorf tubes, 5ml tubes, and 15ml tubes. This versatility will allow users to efficiently sort their samples based on their specific experimental requirements, providing flexibility in downstream applications.

In our efforts to simplify training and operation, we are prioritizing a user-friendly software interface for the sorter, thought to help users quickly become independent with the system, minimizing training time.

Furthermore, the sorter will feature automated start-up and shut-down procedures, enabling users to initiate and conclude their sorting sessions promptly. 

Looking Ahead: Procurement Timeline

We are actively working towards the procurement of the new sorter, with the aim of completing the process by the end of this year.

While the timeline may be subject to unforeseen circumstances, we are committed to delivering the new sorter as soon as possible.


Marina Polo Gozalo Research Technician