Published: 17-11-2021 10:34 | Updated: 17-11-2021 15:21

Ellinor Kenne receives prestigious award Mäster- in memory of Dan Grandér 2021

Medicinska Föreningen (MF) in Stockholm is the largest student union at Karolinska Institutet. Every year MF awards a teacher with the award Mäster, to someone who has been teaching for an extended period of time, in an inspirational and pedagogical way or who initiated and implemented lasting improvements in the education. This year the award goes to Ellinor Kenne. It's the first time in a long time that someone at FyFa receives this award, and with the large amount of teaching that the departm

Ellinor Kenne

An excerpt from the motivation:

“The new six-year Medical program started this fall 2021 and a key person in the design of the new program is Ellinor Kenne. In the new Medical program a new pedagogical method was introduced, Team-based-learning (TBL), which Ellinor has been involved in and pushed through.”

“…she is also a fantastic teacher! Her lectures are among the best on the Medical program, where she- at the same time she explains the subject- draws on a big screen, which makes it easier to absorb information and makes it easier to focus.”


Congratulations Ellinor! Tell us about the award you have received?

"Recipients of the award receive a silver nameplate, a diploma from Medicinska Föreningen, and a prize sum of SEK 50,000 from Dan Grandér’s brother Jonas Grandér through Familjen Einhorns Stiftelse. Mäster is awarded at the Lucia Ball on December 13th."


What does it mean for you to get this award?

"There are very few grants and awards that premier teaching, so I was very honoured to receive this. It’s also nice that I was nominated for the award by the students from the medical program."


What is next?

"I will receive the award at MF's Luciaball on December 13th."


Are you going to celebrate this?

"I haven’t really had time to celebrate, but it will be nice to attend the Luciaball, especially since there hasn’t been a lot of festivities due to the pandemic."