Published: 21-05-2021 10:02 | Updated: 21-05-2021 10:15

COVID-X: 16 AI projects selected

Photo: COVID-X

Meet the 16 COVID-X Data and AI Solutions selected in the Open Call #1

These close-to-market innovations will support healthcare providers to defeat coronavirus and to save lives. The projects launched all around Europe are for collecting and analyzing data of COVID-19 patients.

See all 16 projects:


The Unit for Bioentrepreneurship (UBE) and the Health Informatics Centre (HIC) at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, were granted an EU Innovation Action Grant for the project COVID-X.

Read more: New EU Innovation action grant for research project COVID-X 

Project members

Carl Johan Sundberg

David Zakim

Sabine Koch

Lena Hanson

Rebecka Skarstam

Magnus Boman

Sokratis Nifakos



Sokratis Nifakos System Developer