Dissertations Dissertation Erica Sundin

17-06-2022 9:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Inghesalen, Tomtebodavägen 18A, Solna

Title: Harm from others’ drinking: reported negative experiences and predictors in general population surveys

Principal Supervisor 

Adjunct professor Mats Ramstedt, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet


Docent Jonas Landberg, Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholms universitet  

Adjunct professor Maria Rosaria Galanti, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet

Professor Robin Room, The Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University


Senior researcher Kirsimarja Raitasalo, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Examination Board 

Adjunct professor Kent Nilsson, Department of Neuroscience, Uppsala universitet

Docent Therese Reitan, Department of Social Sciences, Södertörns högskola

Docent Erika Comasco, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala universitet


Erica Sundin Affiliated to Research