Published: 08-01-2021 14:01 | Updated: 08-01-2021 14:09

What is a thought? Listen to Heather Iriye in #58 of KI’s podcast Medicinvetarna

A man which seems to be thinking, with his right hand under his chin.
What is a thought? Photo: Artsy Solomon_Pixabay

Episode #58 of Medicinvetarna, a podcast on Karolinska Institutet’s research, is mainly about ADHD. Another question raised in the episode is what a thought really is.

Episode #58 of Medicinvetarna is mainly about ADHD and how important it is to pay attention and adapt society more to people with ADHD. ADHD can vary greatly between individuals, different genders and over life.

In the same episode, Heather Iriye, a researcher at the Department of Neuroscience, reflects on what a thought is?

To define what a thought actually is is rather complex, but in short it is activity in several nerves in the brain which are all synchronised in a particular frequency and activated in the same time. Listen to Heather Iriye's thoughts on thought approximately 4.40 minutes into the programme.