Published: 12-12-2018 13:41 | Updated: 12-12-2018 13:41

uMOVE - a big move forward

"We are now looking forward to exciting research, rewarding courses and better targeted treatments using our new core facility uMOVE," says Erika Franzén, Scientific Director of uMOVE.

An uMOVE Facility kick-off was held in Solna on November 29. uMOVE is a collaboration between the Karolinska University Hospital and KI that has received a three-year funding from the Strategic Research Area Health Care Science (SFO-V).

Movement is strongly linked to health and well-being - not only physical health but also psychological factors such as cognition and emotion affect the ability to move. In order to increase knowledge about how different diseases and conditions affect movement, one need access to and knowledge about the latest methods of movement analysis. Until now several different laboratories at the Karolinska University Hospital and KI had access to movement analysis, but the possibility for support has been insufficient why it has been difficult to develop and offer these services to researchers and clinicians within different fields.

uMOVE opens new opportunities to increased knowledge and new methods for evaluation using movement analysis in combination with methods for cognitive and psychological measurement. Researchers, teachers, students and clinicians are now given a state-of-the-art platform for research on movement and behaviour.