Published: 14-01-2022 16:22 | Updated: 14-01-2022 16:23

Two KI researchers receive the Folk Educator of the Year award

Maria Ahlsén & Jessica Norrbom sitting on an outdoor terrace.
Maria Ahlsén & Jessica Norrbom. Photo: Denise Lissert

The Swedish Skeptics Association’s (VoF – Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning) award "Folk Educator of the Year" for 2021 is awarded to Maria Ahlsén and Jessica Norrbom for their work on the book and podcast Frisk utan flum (Health in a Nutshell).

Maria Ahlsén from the Department of Medicine, Solna and Jessica Norrbom from the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, produce the podcast Frisk utan flum together, where they discuss current topics, clear up myths and explain what the research says about health, diet and exercise. They have also written a book with the same title, as well as a follow-up book titled Frisk utan fusk (Healthy without cheating).

"We are incredibly happy and grateful to have received this fantastic award from The Swedish Skeptics Association. To be among the previous prize winners is a great honour. It feels fantastic that our work is being recognized, and it encourages us to continue to spread information about the importance of the scientific method and evidence in the field of health," says Maria Ahlsén about the award.

VoF's motivation for the award

With their book and podcast Frisk utan flum, Maria Ahlsén and Jessica Norrbom have tackled the question of how our living habits can contribute to good health. They highlight the subject from a number of perspectives, based on research findings. In this way, Ahlsén and Norrbom let the light of science shine on an area that affects us all, and which is so often otherwise dominated by cynical deception, guesswork and alternative doctrine.

Jacob Gudiol, author and debater in the field of education and health, was also awarded the Folk Educator of the Year award. For their efforts as folk educators, Maria Ahlsén and Jessica Norrbom and Jacob Gudiol receive the Swedish Skeptics Association’s award Folk Educator of the Year for 2021 and a prize sum of SEK 50,000.