Published: 03-04-2009 00:00 | Updated: 18-02-2014 15:07

Three new honorary doctors at Karolinska Institutet 2009

Each year, Karolinska Institutet´s Board of Research confers the title Honorary Doctor to persons who have in various ways supported activities carried out at the university. This year three honorary doctorates in medicine will be conferred. The ceremony will take place on Friday, 15 May in the Stockholm City Hall. On this occasion, the honorary doctors will receive their doctoral hats, diplomas and rings from the Dean of Research as confirmation of their new status.

Dr Håkan Mogren

Håkan Mogren, one of Sweden´s most prominent figures within trade and industry, is to receive an honorary doctorate in medicine. During his many years in leading positions at Astra and AstraZeneca, Håkan Mogren, who began his successful career within pharmaceuticals as a researcher in biochemistry, has maintained a consistently strong interest in, and fervent commitment to, medical research. He is among those corporate leaders who, with particular foresight has realised the tremendous benefits of academic-industry partnerships, both for the partners themselves and for Sweden as a research nation. Since stepping down as CEO in 1999 to become Deputy Vice Chairman of the pharmaceutical groups board, Håkan Mogren has remained a tireless advocate for academic research, particularly research conducted at Karolinska Institutet.

Speech therapist Ulla Föhrer

An honorary doctorate in medicine is being awarded to Ulla Föhrer, speech therapist and researcher at Karolinska Institutet. During the many years, she has been active within the field of reading and writing difficulties she has contributed to the remodelling of methods for the investigation and treatment of people with such disabilities. In her research, Ulla Föhrer has successfully shown the important role of technical aids in helping people with reading and writing challenges to utilise their cognitive capacity. Ulla Föhrer has also made crucial contributions to speech therapy training at Karolinska Institutet.

Professor Kevin J. Tracey

Professor Kevin J. Tracey at the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine is being awarded an honorary doctorate in medicine. Professor Tracey is a neurosurgeon and leading expert within the field of inflammation research. His discoveries have paved the way for the development of new medicines to treat chronic rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and infection. He has made considerable contributions towards improving knowledge of regulating inflammatory processes. Professor Tracey is also Director of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at the fourth largest American hospital organisation, North Shore-LIJ Health System. Karolinska Institutet has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with both the Feinstein Institute and with Kevin J. Tracey.