Published: 12-06-2019 12:14 | Updated: 23-05-2022 15:20

The Svedbergpriset 2019 to Magda Bienko

The Svedbergpriset 2019 is awarded to Magda Bienko for her studies on how our DNA is organized in the cell nucleus and how this affects the expression of genes in different cell types in our body.

Magda Bienko, senior researcher at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, studies the fundamental processes that regulate how our DNA is expressed in cells. For her studies, Bienko has developed new tools, including a new sequencing method called "Genomic loci Positioning by Sequencing" or GPSeq.

With this method, she can study how DNA is organized in the three-dimensional space of the cell nucleus. She is studying how this organization is established and maintained when the cell divides, but also how disorganization of the DNA architecture in the cell nucleus is linked to disease, such as cancer.

“This prestigious price has a double meaning to me. Obviously, it is a unique recognition for my scientific achievements during the past fifteen years. But also, it is especially meaningful because it is given in a country that has a very strong tradition of excellence in science in general, and in biochemistry in particular. It truly shows that, with hard work and passion, we can climb the highest peaks and be recognized for that, no matter where we come from”, says Magda Bienko.

The Svedbergpriset is a scientific award that is awarded annually by the Swedish Society for Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology (SFBBM) together with the International Union of Biological Sciences within the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA). The prize is awarded to a prominent biochemist or molecular biologist who is resident in Sweden and who has not turned 40 in the year of the award. In addition to a medal, the award also includes a prize of SEK 35,000.