Published: 07-01-2020 16:38 | Updated: 09-01-2020 15:00

The Programme director for the Master’s programme in toxicology was awarded “Mäster 2019”

Annika Hanberg, IMM, Programme director for the ToxMaster programme, was awarded ”Mäster 2019” by the Student Union at KI Medicinska Föreningen at their Lucia ball on the 13 December 2019.

Mäster Annika Hanberg, professor at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM)

The award was handed out by the President of MF Leif Karlsson:

This year’s award is well deserved and goes to a program director here at KI. She is well known by the students as ”Tox mother” or ”mama tox”, a name that she has earned through being very attentive on how to improve the toxicology master programme, but also how to take care of the students in the best way, both individually, but also collectively. She deserves to be awarded Mäster due to her tireless efforts to make the toxicology program better and better. She has also been a driving force in trying to connect students with companies and organisations that are working within research and toxicology. Because of her unwavering commitment and drive to improve education for our toxicology students I am honored to Award 2019th Mäster to professor Annika Hanberg.”

Mäster Annika Hanberg, professor at IMM