Published: 21-03-2024 11:04 | Updated: 21-03-2024 11:04

The KI Housing office closed during Easter holidays

From 12.00 March 28 to April 1, the KI Housing office will be closed for the celebration of the Easter holidays.

If you have an urgent maintenance request when our office is closed  we ask you to use the contact details to the on-call service.

Note that the on-call service must only be contacted for problems that risk to cause damage to property or person if they are not taken care of immediately, for example a power cut that affects the whole apartment or building, a water leak or a blocked sewage where there is a risk for flooding.

Please note that non-urgent maintenance issues that are reported to the landlord will be charged to the tenant.

KI Housing wishes you a Happy Easter!

Non-urgent maintenance issues

If you have any non-urgent maintenance issues, you are welcome to submit your maintenance request in our customer portal. The maintenance issue will be solved when our office reopens.