Published: 07-06-2017 14:09 | Updated: 07-06-2017 14:10

The acute effects of concurrent training on the triceps muscle

This study investigates the acute molecular effects of concurrent training in the triceps musculature.

This study consists of three visits to our laboratory. On the first two visits, you will be familiarized with our training equipment and protocols.

On the last visit, you will perform a training session including aerobic and resistance training. During this visit we will also collect muscle samples from the triceps brachii.

Inclusion criteria;

  • Male between 18 and 40 years
  • Healthy and moderately active
  • No chronic disease that needs long term treatment
  • Non smoker


Upon completion of study you will receive 500 sek for your participation.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in our study and for more information please contact us! The study is performed at Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge at the division of Clinical Physiology. Responsible researcher is Tommy Lundberg, PhD.