Published: 14-02-2023 16:55 | Updated: 16-02-2023 13:39

SveDem receives SEK 2.5 million in the Swedish government's dementia initiative

The Swedish government is strengthening the work with dementia by allocating SEK 8 million in a new investment for strengthened elderly care. In this initiative, SveDem will be granted SEK 2.5 million in 2023 to develop the Swedish Register for Cognitive Diseases / Dementias (SveDem) and support the municipalities' improvement work in healthcare and care for people with dementia.

Maria Eriksdotter, Professor of Geriatrics at NVS, KI, and Senior Consultant in Geriatrics at Karolinska University Hospital, is the register holder at SveDem.

SveDem hopes that even more businesses will join and with the help of SveDem will receive support in improving care for people with dementia.

The Swedish Register for Cognitive/Dementia Diseases, SveDem, is a national quality register that follows patients with dementia from diagnosis to end of life. The goal is to create a nationwide tool for equal and best treatment of people who have dementia.