Published: 24-02-2022 08:00 | Updated: 24-02-2022 08:00

Support for you who have been exposed to threats or violence related to your work

Threats or violence in the workplace is never acceptable. Hatred, threats and harassment against researchers, but also against other occupational groups, is unfortunately not a new phenomenon but has lately also increased, especially among employees working with research related to COVID-19. This is of course a very unfortunate development and KI wants to raise awareness of the support that is available to you as an employee.

If you have been exposed to threats or violence and need support, we encourage you to primarily contact your manager, department management or the department's HR function. Anyone in need of a professional support contact can always turn to KI's occupational health, Avonova, or the staff support via Falck Healthcare. 

Support for employees  

Occupational Health Services at KI

Professional support and/or counseling of e.g. leg. psychologist for dealing with threats or harassment at work. As an employee or a scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral student at KI you can book two appointments per year with a specialist of your choosing, e.g. doctor, behavioural scientist or psychologist. If additional appointments are required, this must be confirmed with your manager. To book an appointment, you can call or email one of Avonova's Health Centers.

Staff Support

Around-the-clock telephone counseling, in Swedish and English, is offered to all employees, scholarship-funded doctoral and post-doctoral students for quick access to professional support. The number to this around-the-clock service is 0200-21 63 00 and gets you in contact with a social worker who can provide you with direct initial advice regarding any psychosocial issue. The staff support covers both work-related and private matters. If you need further or another type of guidance from a specialist you will be contacted within 72 hours, by for example a psychologist/psychotherapist or legal counselor. Managers may also use the service to request support for situations concerning their own research group or team. Read more about the Staff Support

If something happens 

Threatening and violent behavior in the workplace is a serious work environmental issue for our staff and students. KI will not tolerate any such behavior in the workplace. If you or a colleague is affected, contact your immediate supervisor, the Health and Safety Officer or the Chief Security Officer. For more information, go to page If something happens.