Published: 20-09-2023 15:57 | Updated: 21-09-2023 07:28

Successful Kick-off for Research School in Health Science 2023

Kick off for Research School in Health Science 2023. Photo: Annika Clemes.

The Research School in Health Science 2023 kick-off event was a great success, bringing together supervisors, new doctoral students, and students from the 2021 cohort. Held on September 5th, this event marked a milestone for the research school.

Doctoral students in group discussions during the kick off. Photo: Annika Clemes.

The kick-off featured presentations and discussions, providing insights into different exciting research projects and education within the field. It also facilitated collaborations and expectations discussions among attendees, fostering a sense of community and shared goals.

The supervisors plan and discuss. Photo: Annika Clemes.

This event was exemplified the commitment of the research school to support the growth and development of its students and its supervisors. The future looks promising for the field as the next generation of health science researchers continue to embark on their academic journey.