Published: 19-12-2018 14:17 | Updated: 20-12-2018 09:44

Study on prostate cancer receives SEK 7,5 million from the Erling-Persson Foundation

The Erling-Persson Family Foundation mainly funds research in medicine and healthcare. Important selection criteria for the funding programme are that the research is translational, application oriented, and involves interdisciplinary cooperation. In 2018 the Erling-Persson Family Foundation supports four projects led by KI with more than SEK 31 million. One of these projects is led by Stefan Carlsson from the research group Urology.

Principal investigator: Stefan Carlsson, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

Topic: Treatment against prostate cancer – PSMA/PET controlled treatment compared to conventional radiation therapy, a randomized study.

Grant: SEK 7.5 million over 3 years (the study will be carried out at Cancer Center Karolinska).