Published: 13-07-2022 13:39 | Updated: 13-07-2022 13:39

Silver Medal 2018 to Fredrik Brolund and Lotta Widén Holmquist

Karolinska Institutet’s Silver Medal for 2018 is awarded to Fredrik Brolund and Lotta Widén Holmquist. The medals are awarded to those who have made a special contribution to supporting KI’s activities.

The President, in consultation with the Vice President, university director and the Academic Vice Presidents of research, doctoral education and higher education, awards Karolinska Institutet’s various medals based on recommendations from the Medals Committee.

Extracts from the Committee’s reasons for awarding the silver medals:

Fredrik Brolund

Fredrik Brolund, lecturer at the Department of clinical physiology, is awarded the medal for his long-standing and committed work on the construction and development of the Biomedical Analyst program at KI.

One of Fredrik Brolund's most significant efforts is the development of the program's internationalization, in particular his initiation and cooperation with the Lisbon School of Health Technology. It is a collaboration that has been going on for more than ten years with bilateral exchanges of both teachers and students. The collaboration has, among other things, resulted in the fact that some 20 students from Lisbon returned to Sweden after the exchange studies and settled here. Fredrik Brolund has substantially contributed to the positvie development of the Biomedical Analyst program.

Lotta Widén Holmquist, senior professor of physiotherapy at the Department of Neurobiology, is awarded the medal for her outstanding contributions to the development of research and education in physiotherapy.

Lotta Widen Holmquist has in her research developed an organizational model for early discharge with continued rehabilitation in the home after a stroke, which has been evaluated and implemented in many parts of the world. Her research in physiotherapy has led to new models and changed practice for training and rehabilitation also of patients with other neurological diseases and injuries, eg multiple sclerosis. Lotta Widén Holmqvist has also been instrumental in the development of the interdisciplinary research area neuroepidemiology and health and medical research at KI.

The medals are being presented in conjunction with the “För nit och redlighet i rikets tjänst”, NOR, awarding ceremony, on 13 February.