Published: 16-04-2018 13:42 | Updated: 16-04-2018 13:46

Roundtable discussion on the future of health care science on 7 May

Strategic Research Area Health Care Science (SFO-V) has invited the vice chancellor, deans and health care science researchers at KI, as well as health care providers and politicians to discuss a sustainable strategy for continued world class health care sciences research enabling high quality health education, knowledge-based health care and greatest possible social benefits.

Only invited can participate in the roundtable discussion. SFO-V will however post a video of the event on the web-page efter the event.

For more information about the roundtable discussion on 7 May.

The Strategic Research Area Health Care Science (SFO-V)

SFO-V jointly driven by Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University with the aim of bridging research and practice and strengthening and developing cooperation between health care science, health education, health care providers and other stakeholders in society, through strategic initiatives on high-quality research and activities that promote cooperation, knowledge sharing and social innovation. SFO-V's four focus areas are co-creation, self-management, eHealth and bio-behavioral health care science. About the Strategic Research Area Health Care Science (SFO-V)