Published: 14-06-2023 16:48 | Updated: 15-06-2023 12:10

Revolutionising Precision Medicine coming up

PROMINENT Project, which was officially launched today, will Enhance Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Improving Patients' Lives Across Europe.

Linus Jönsson, professor at the Division of Neurogeriatrics, NVS and Principal Investigator of PROMINENT. Photo: Naventus

Today, partners of the PROMINENT project announced the launch of a collaborative pan-European initiative funded through the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI). PROMINENT will create a digital platform for precision medicine to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative disease and co-morbidities. The overriding objective is to assist clinicians with individualised decision support in an evaluation of patients with suspected cognitive impairment.

PROMINENT is a public-private partnership funded by the IHI for a period of five years. The PROMINENT consortium brings together experts in neurodegenerative diseases and clinical neuroscinece, artificial intelligence (AI), health economics, and patient advocacy. Project partners also include some of Europe's leading medical centres for the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders.

”With a large ageing population and an ambition to maintain good health into the higher ages, Europe has a great need for precision medicine systems that can support clinicians with diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative conditions, and provide support to patients and their care partners”

Linus Jönsson, Professor and Principal Investigator of PROMINENT

The PROMINENT consortium is led by Karolinska Institutet, with research in neurodegenerative disease ranging from basic disease mechanisms to discovery of novel biomarkers and drug targets, clinical trials, epidemiology and health economics. Principal Investigator is Linus Jönsson, Division of Neurogeriatrics at NVS.

”PROMINENT will leverage digital tools and biomarkers together with advanced analytics to increase the accuracy of AD diagnosis and prognosis, paving the way for the introduction of new health technologies that will improve the lives of patients and care partners.”

Linus Jönsson, Professor and Principal Investigator of PROMINENT