Published: 31-08-2018 16:08 | Updated: 13-05-2019 17:02

Research group Procome receives research funding from FORTE

The research group Procome receives research funding from FORTE for a three year project investigating how evidence-based interventions can give the best value for service users. It’s a collaboration with the local the R&D units (FoU Nordväst,FoU nordostoch FOU nu) and social service organizations.

The background is that social services are expected to be based on scientific evidence. However, using evidence-based interventions in practice is challenging. These interventions seldom fit into a specific setting. From this follows that most interventions are adapted, which can be problematic for instance from effectiveness perspective. This introduces the adherence and adaptation dilemma i.e. to what extent an intervention needs to adhere to the original model and to what extent purposeful changes in response to restraints and possibilities in the context are acceptable. Although this dilemma is common, no support is available on how professionals can address this in their daily work.

The project studies how the adherence and adaptation dilemma is handled in social services and explores how structured decision support can impact the management of the dilemma.