Published: 23-04-2021 11:58 | Updated: 23-04-2021 11:59

Professor at KI new member at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Sten Linnarsson in his lab at MBB.
Sten Linnarsson is a new member at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Photo: Ulf Sirborn

On 13 April, KI Professor Sten Linnarsson was elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Sten Linnarsson at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics is a professor of molecular systems biology at Karolinska Institutet. His research group works to try to understand how the brain evolves, from the fertilized egg to the different cell types in the adult brain. The goal is to create a kind of atlas, or a tree of development, on the development of the brain. In this way, they want to describe how specialized neurons develop and which genes are activated in the cells. By studying what brain development looks like in normal cases, it is also possible to predict the effects of possible abnormalities. When these occur, it can for example, result in autism or schizophrenia.


At the General Meeting on 13 April, three new members were elected. Kristina Edström, Uppsala University and Erik G. Larsson, Linköping University were elected new members of the Academy´s class for engineering sciences and Sten Linnarsson, Karolinska Institutet, was elected new member of the class for medical sciences.