Published: 31-08-2018 16:19 | Updated: 13-05-2019 17:01

Procome partner in an Erasmus educational program for implementational science

Procome a partner in an Erasmus educational program for implementation science.

Two departments (LIME and NVS) at KI are partners in an educational development project recently funded by the Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education. Procome members, Anne Richter, Henna Hasson and Anna Bergström are involved together with Anne-Marie Boström and Ann Rudman (NVS). The main applicant was Western Norway University Of Applied Sciences, Bergen, and the other partners are Högskolan Dalarna, Bangor University, UK and Escola Superior De Enfermagem De Coimbra, Portugal.

The educational project is designed to increase the implementation capabilities of health and social care professionals. We will have established a curriculum for implementation science for master and PhD levels. The curriculum will be co-produced with relevant stakeholders to ensure that it meets the needs of external (e.g. health and social care services; service managers; policy makers in higher education, and health and social care; and citizens) and internal (e.g. academic staff and students) stakeholders. Moreover, an European Implementation Science and Education Network (EISEN) will be established, which will strengthen the implementation science at in Europe.