Published: 29-04-2020 13:42 | Updated: 29-04-2020 13:50

Nina Brodin new deputy head of the Division of Physiotherapy

Nina Brodin, docent and senior lecturer, has been named new deputy head of the Division of Physiotherapy, starting April 15 2020.

Nina is a registered physiotherapist since 1999, with clinical expertise in rheumatology and orthopedics. Teaching at the Physiotherapy study program, she has primarily been responsible for courses in research methods. She is currently the coordinator for freestanding and professional courses offered at the division.

Nina has been at KI since 2004, earning her PhD in 2008. As a docent and senior lecturer, she holds a combined position with Danderyd Hospital. Her research is focused on physical activity and health in inflammatory rheumatoid diseases, as well as on sick leave, ICF, and rehabilitation within disaster medicine. She is the group leader for the research group “Physical Activity and Health in Rheumatic Disease”.

As a teacher representative, Nina serves on two educational committees at KI, and is a member of the KI Pedagogical Academy since 2017.

“I look forward to get more detailed knowledge of issues and activities at the division, as well as learning more about economy, administrative processes and decision making, among other things”, Nina says.