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In 2023, the Strategic Research Area in Health Care Science (SFO-V) launched an initiative aimed at future researchers in health care science through an open call for funding for postdoctoral positions. The aim of the initiative, SFO-V Fellows, is to promote high-quality health care science research and to ensure the regrowth of researchers in the field.
SFO-V regularly announces calls for partial financing of sabbaticals within health care sciences. This past spring, Susan Guidetti, professor at the Division of Occupational Therapy and Eric Asaba, docent and senior lecturer at the Division of Occupational Therapy were granted funding for sabbaticals in Ugandan and USA, respectively.
The Division of Innovative Care Research has been very successful in receiving funding from SFO-V (Strategic Research Area Health Care Science), with four of the seven awarded grants going to the research group.
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