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Regular exercise helps prevent and delay the development of type 2 diabetes and its complications. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have, together with a team of international scientists, discovered that activation of the immune system in skeletal muscle during exercise may underlie the difference in how individuals with type 2 diabetes perceive and respond to exercise. These findings are published in the journal Science Advances.
Honoring the renowned Swedish diabetes scientist Rolf Luft, SRP Diabetes wishes to support the most excellent younger Principal Investigators (consolidator level) in the field of diabetes and metabolism at Karolinska Institutet to obtain critical instrumentation for their research.
Deadline to apply: October 1
Audience: Medarbetare
Medicin, Huddinge, Klinisk forskning och utbildning, Södersjukhuset, Klinisk vetenskap, intervention och teknik, Fysiologi och farmakologi, Cell- och molekylärbiologi
Professor Juleen R. Zierath receives the 2021 prestigious EASD Claude Bernard Award. This award recognizes an individual’s innovative leadership and lifetime achievements in diabetes research and is the EASD’s highest award.
Assistant Professors Nicolas Pillon at Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and Rongrong Fan at Department of Biosciences and Nutrition have both been awarded the 2021 Future Leaders Award by EFSD (European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes)/Novo Nordisk Foundation. This is a competitive 5-year grant to support PIs to become future leaders in diabetes research.
With this postdoctoral programme SRP Diabetes aims to support the next generation of exceptional young scientists within the diabetes area, including both experimental and clinical research. To promote cross-fertilization between research environments, we encourage scientists wishing to pursue postdoctoral training in a different university from where they carried out doctoral studies. Openings for fellowships in 5 different laboratories at Karolinska Institutet.
Deadline June 6!
SRP Diabetes organize a new webinar series - "Diabetes Fridays" with internationally recognized speakers in the area of diabetes and metabolism, often in combination with a talk by a researcher from KI or UmU on a similar topic as the external guest.
SRP Diabetes PI Juleen R. Zierath receives the 2021 Harold Rifkin Award for Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes from American Diabetes Association (ADA).
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