Published: 27-10-2022 15:11 | Updated: 15-12-2023 13:23

New MOOC on Refugees' Integration to Healthcare

Info on at MOOC starting 7th November 2022.
Graphics: Maxine

The ReHIn MOOC is a 3 week course for enabling the integration of refugees into the EU health culture. Through creative digital resources, students will learn about health services and healthcare systems.

At the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME) and as part of the project ''Refugees Health Integration'', a MOOC has been developed and will be released on the 7th November 2022.

This MOOC offers a number of creative digital resources to enable the integration of refugees into the European Union health culture.

The fundamental objectives of “ReHIn” lay in the integration in terms of the use of the health services, but also in the way that health and medicine are practiced in the EU in comparison to major refugees’ home countries.

Through Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) and their combination into a MOOC, “ReHIn” will foster respect and understanding for diversity in Health, intercultural and civic competencies, but also it will enable health values and citizenship within the EU.


The MOOC poster available to download.


Instructors from Karolinska Institutet are Klas Karlgren and Natalia Stathakarou, both from the research team MINT within the Health Informatics Centre at the Dept. of LIME.


Natalia Stathakarou Project Coordinator;Phd Student