Published: 27-01-2023 11:53 | Updated: 27-01-2023 11:53

New head of IMM

Anna Bergström is the new head of the Institute for Environmental Medicine (IMM).

Anna Bergström
Anna Bergström

How does it feel to take over as the new head of IMM?

I am happy and honored to have received the trust as head of IMM. I look forward to developing the research, education and applied work at IMM together with my colleagues.

IMM is an institution at KI, but also a national expert body in environmental medicine. Can you briefly explain what that means?

IMM have an extensive national mission which means that we carry out qualified risk assessments, participate in national and international expert groups, answer referrals and questions from authorities, produce knowledge base and conduct research and education relevant to environmental medicine. We cover a wide area of ​​the environment's impact on health, with a focus on chemical and physical factors as well as lifestyle.

What is your own research focus?

My research aims to increase knowledge about how environmental and nutritional factors influence health during the first decades of life, in particular development of asthma and allergies. The overall aim is to identify modifiable risk factors and contribute to preventive efforts in patients with asthma and allergies as well as in the general population. The majority of the research is conducted within the birth cohort BAMSE for which I am one of the project leaders.

Five selected publications in the last 5 years

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